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The End of Microsoft Server 2012: What It Means for Your Business

The End of Microsoft Server 2012: What It Means for Your Business

Technology has evolved rapidly in the last few decades, and as new features and enhancements are introduced, older software versions eventually become outdated. This can be seen in products that were released only a few years ago, especially with the big players in technology releasing updates on a very regular basis.

With this in mind, it is no surprise that Microsoft has announced that their Server 2012 (and its R2 edition) is reaching its end of support this year on the 10th of October 2023. As it is 11 years since the product was launched by Microsoft. As a result, Microsoft will no longer provide crucial updates, including security patches, bug fixes, and technical assistance.

The Potential Impact on Your Business

The end to support for Microsoft Server 2012 poses significant risks and challenges for any business still operating this server. Firstly, without regular security updates, your server becomes more vulnerable to cyber threats and potential data breaches, exposing valuable information to possible malicious attacks.

Secondly, and probably more relevant on a day-to-day basis for most businesses, any issues that arise will remain unaddressed, potentially leading to downtime and loss of productivity of your team. Moreover, compatibility issues between Server 2012 and other applications your business uses may emerge. This ultimately hinders your ability to integrate new software or devices and could hamper your business growth as well as create frustrations internally.

How Innovec Can Provide the Necessary Support

Recognising the urgency to mitigate these risks, businesses currently using Microsoft Server 2012 have several options. One option is to upgrade to a newer version of Windows Server, such as Windows Server 2019 or 2022. These supported versions offer enhanced security features, improved performance, and compatibility with the latest technologies. A concern that may come with this for most businesses is the cost that would come with changing to a new server – of course, this will most likely be supported as long as Server 2012 was (10 years), making it a long-term investment.

Another viable option is migrating to Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform. By moving your server infrastructure to Azure, you can enjoy the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and built-in security measures. Furthermore, Microsoft has announced that Azure customers can receive Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for three years after the end of support for Windows Server 2012, ensuring continued protection.

Navigating through the complexities of server migration and upgrades can be time-consuming and requires careful planning. Most importantly, every business has different requirements for their technology – this means that there isn’t a box standard server migration for businesses. As such any large-scale migration requires experts such as Innovec to help you fully understand the exact challenges these changes will pose to your business and guide you in making informed decisions.

Innovec understands that every business has unique IT needs, and we are committed to providing tailored solutions. Our experienced team can assess your current IT infrastructure, evaluate the impact of the impending changes, and develop a comprehensive migration plan that suits your specific requirements.

What Now?

The end of support for Microsoft Server 2012 marks a critical juncture for businesses relying on this platform. Understanding the implications and exploring the available options are essential steps towards securing your IT infrastructure and enabling continued growth. However as discussed, each business has specific requirements to help enable their team meaning it is crucial to consult experts within the technology world. If you are currently using Microsoft Server 2012 and are looking to gain further insights into your specific needs and options, contact us today on or call us on 01292 427420.