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What is BackupAssist?

BackupAssist is a simple and affordable backup and DR solution for your business. Here’s just some of the ways we can help.


  • Reliable, fuss-free backups. Our tried-and-true software has been saving business like yours from ruin since 2003.


  • Our software is priced for you, the customer. If you don’t believe us, check our pricing page and compare!


  • Every feature you need to protect your business, Physical and Hyper-V support. BMR. Cloud backup. Ransomware protection. You name it!

Your Data is Business-Critical

Imagine you’ve been typing away at your computer all morning. Suddenly, your PC goes dead! You forgot to save all your data, and now your whole morning is wasted.


Imagine how much worse that would be if you didn’t just lose a morning’s worth of data, but ALL of it. Customer contact details, transaction data, employee pay slips, email archives, and all your application data.


BackupAssist protects you against all of these, and makes data loss a thing of the past.

Ranked the #1 Backup Software for Windows Servers in 2017.

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