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Microsoft Exchange – Email Spam Filtering For Businesses

Microsoft Exchange – Email Spam Filtering For Businesses

This blog is all about Microsoft 365 email spam filter. We will cover a Microsoft 365 feature that can go unnoticed. This is so everyone can take full advantage of the Microsoft 365 features.

Microsoft 365 business premium package includes an application called Exchange which is a built-in email filter and email management program.  Outlook and Microsoft exchange work well together, complimenting each other by them both having very useful features.

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is a mail server which means it’s a dedicated email manager.  Exchange is the only mail server Outlook can use. However, any email client is compatible with Exchange.

Businesses and higher education, such as; Academy, college, and universities are most likely to use Exchange.

Below are some points about Microsoft Exchange:

  • Exchange is a cloud-based service and outlook is a desktop-based service

  • Avoid losing emails by archiving them with Exchange

  • Protects against ransomware, malware, threats in email attachments and links

  • Microsoft 365 business essentials and office 365 premium include Exchange

  • Choose which email addresses to block, such as suspicious senders

  • The filters can be alter the filters to suit your goal

  • You can block by country

  • Choose what happens when Exchange detects a spam email. For example, Delete, block, move, quarantine for 15 days.

  • Choose what happens if you are a recipient of a bulk email scam

  • You can alter what kind of emails are marked as spam, if emails include attachments, hidden links within images etc.

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