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Email Filtering

Email Filtering

Complete threat protection


With claims that over 90% of email sent is spam of some description, it’s never been more important for organisations to have an effective anti-spam solution in place. Without one, organisations or individuals can be left open to credit card/identity theft or allow harmful malware to infect devices. At best, it can lead to mail inboxes becoming swamped with irrelevant, illegal or distressing mail, slowing down the performance of an entire business critical email system.


The Email Filtering product from Innovec is a state of the art solution combining products from multiple vendors to enhance the overall effectiveness of the Email Filter. Like all our products, it can be fully managed from our simple web-accessed Control Panel. The Iomart Cloud Email Filter can be tailored to suit individual customer requirements, including applying varying filtering levels, creating bespoke policies and applying those policies to groups of users (or specific users if required). These features allow organisations to tighten the filter for some users in a domain, such as students in a school environment.

     No expensive capital investments or high ongoing variable running costs


     No degradation in mail delivery speeds or processing


     Compatible with major mail platforms including both on premise and Office 365


     Rapid Service Establishment – simple change to Mail Exchange (MX) records


     Easy Management via a Cloud Control Panel


     Updates for latest threats automatically

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