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System Changes 2023

System Changes 2023

2023 is a year of many exciting things happening at Innovec. This year, we have made the decision to move away from our old ticketing system, Syncro.  


Every request for support our customers make, through phone calls, emails, or in person is logged as a ticket. Why they are called ‘tickets’ will remain as one of those mysteries in life. With the increase in the size of our team and increase in customers the way Syncro allowed us to manage all tickets became quite inefficient and needed some manual processes to keep on top of everything. Inevitably this lead to mistakes and things being missed. That’s not good for us or our customers so we felt it was time to find something more suitable.

Syncro also allowed us to remote control your computers and for us to manage and monitor Windows updates. This generally worked fine but we looked to the market and there were more powerful alternatives available which would allow us to offer a more efficient and more reliable service.

What we are changing

Over the past few weeks, we have gradually moved over to our new system called HaloPSA. This is one of the industry leading systems which we hope will help us to deliver even better levels of service. We have made a gradual migration to this new system to ensure that the way you communicate to the team here remains unchanged. As we delve deeper into the functionality of the new product, we will be bringing many exciting features to you including our customer portal and knowledge base. 

The second part of this is how we manage and remote control your computers. Currently Syncro allows us to do this but we are moving to a product called NinjaRMM, again this is industry leading software. This will give us more detailed and useful information on the computers we managed for you, such as alerting us to hardware issues or software problems. It also works well with our security software, ESET, which will allow us to keep and ever tighter control over your system security.

How will this affect the service we offer

You will notice a ticket number in each email subject, this is how HaloPSA tracks each support ticket. For example as soon as you reply we can see the full history of the incident along with internal troubleshooting steps. If you call up about an existing ticket you can provide that number to help us jump straight to the ticket history.

Over time we are going to build out new features which will save you time and offer more visibility on our service levels, such as a customer portal and SMS messages for passwords. This in turn will allow the team to provide a faster fix time for you. 

You may notice the occasional message on screen asking you to restart your computer to complete updates, we recommend you leave that to a convenient time such as lunchtime or when you finish for the day.


We are extremely excited about this change and the improvements it will bring to our customers and team members. With our customer always in mind throughout the entire decision and selection process, we know that it will be a positive move in the right direction. 

If you notice anything unusual or want to check anything with us then please reach out in the normal way.

It is important to note that the support[at] address is still the same and always will be the main way to contact us.