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Innovec – Continued Support During COVID-19

Innovec – Continued Support During COVID-19

In line with the instructions from the government, we are now operating remotely with all staff able to access our critical systems easily from home.

Whilst the situation is far from normal, the cloud-based technology we use as a business ensures that we will still be able to provide almost all of our day-to-day services remotely and ensure that we continue to support your business in the coming weeks and months. 

Following a number of calls and questions from customers regarding our own approach to remote working, we were keen to share a few things below to explain the tools we are using and how they are helping us. If we can provide any further guidance or assistance, please just call and ask.

  • Cloud based phone system – meaning that our phone line operates using the internet as opposed to a traditional landline. Our support can still be reached using our main office number – 01292 427 420.

    If your team do not have handsets available at home there may be alternative options including apps for mobile or computers, let us know if you need help with this.

  • Support – we use an industry specific, cloud-based solution to log and manage customer support calls. Our support inbox ( is also delivered via Office 365 which means that our team can easily access this, along with their own emails via any device with access to the internet.

All staff, including our Managing Director, have visibility of all new and existing cases and are able to communicate with each other and customers to work through issues. We will also continue to connect directly to your machine using TeamViewer as we normally do to resolve issues for your team remotely.

  • Collaboration – As a growing business dependent on the combined experience of all of our staff, we rely on regular interaction, discussion and collaboration from our team. Whilst this is a little more difficult than it is when we are literally in the same room, we have enhanced our previous approaches to ensure everyone stays connected.

    • Microsoft Teams for Messaging – In addition to instant messages between individual team members, we have also introduced a new channel where all members provide regular updates on everything from customer issues and calls received to their lunch plans.

      Tip – Microsoft Teams is included within Office 365 and is also able to include external collaborators, customers and suppliers into messaging and video calls providing they also have access to Office 365.

    • Team Video Meetings – For quick internal meetings we use the in-built video call function within Microsoft Teams to check in and see that everyone is managing. If we require to have a meeting or video call with external contributors, we occasionally use Zoom video conferencing as a robust and easy to use interface for everyone.     

We expect to be in regular contact with all of our customers in the coming days, weeks and months and will keep you updated with our own situation and progress. In the meantime, please know that we are here to do everything we can to help you protect your team and your business and please let us know if there is anything we can assist with.

Again, should you need any support or assistance our details are:

t: 01292 427 420


Wishing everyone all the best in these difficult times.

Iain Wham

Managing Director

Innovec Ltd.