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Lowmac & Innovec IT Partner for Growth

Lowmac & Innovec IT Partner for Growth

Lowmac Alloys LTD is a leading Recycling organisation in Ayrshire. Opening its doors in 1973, the family-owned business is coming up for its 50th anniversary this year within the recycling industry, expanding its services over time to include Waste disposal, trade waste management and skip hires to name a few.

Given the fast pace of the recycling industry, it was crucial that the processes within the business were quick, reliable, and adaptive to accommodate customer and vendor requests.
One area this seemed to lack for Lowmac was their IT.

The business had been with its previous provider for a number of years but felt that over this time the IT needs of the company had evolved, now requiring support that was quicker and more responsive to enable further growth within the company.

After hearing good feedback about Innovec from fellow business owners, they decided to contact Innovec and enquire about the services they could provide. Shortly after, a meeting was arranged between the two. Lowmac Director, Gordon Whiteford, commented:

“After meeting with the team from Innovec we had a great feeling about the services they could provide. The main thing for me was they understood the challenges we faced as a family-owned business and how important it is to have our systems running to full capacity at all times and quick responses if anything does go wrong.”

Soon after, Lowmac signed a contract with Innovec, making them responsible for all their IT as well as ongoing IT support. After 6 months, Innovec’s proactive approach has allowed the business to focus more on the day-to-day operation of the business, knowing the IT will be in hand and any issues addressed swiftly.

Innovec has helped 200+ owner-managed & family-run businesses across Ayrshire get the most from their IT. From proactive weekly check-ups and on-site visits, to managing critical business systems such as VoIP and Microsoft 365. To find out more about how Innovec can help your business grow, contact us today at to speak to one of our expert team.