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Virtualisation is the most effective way to reduce the cost of running an effective IT platform. All businesses can benefit, and the technology can scale  as your business grows. Innovec can provide – initial sales consultation, Capacity Planning, VMware software and Server hardware sales and installations. Your current IT department can be involved as much or as little as you want, depending on your internal skills and available resource. Once you are up and running we offer several levels of ongoing support, depending on what your requirements are. Where possible, we try and redeploy your existing hardware to minimise cost.

What is Virtualisation?

The process of transferring your servers into a cloud is called Virtualisation. Virtual copies of the servers can then be used in the cloud – the servers have no awareness that they no longer run on one physical machine, their computing demands are delivered by the cloud. If you need an additional server this can be commissioned in just a few clicks – you can even clone an existing server in minutes.





     vCenter Site Recovery Manager





VMware Products

Innovec are a VMware Professional Partner and can supply and install all products in the VMware suite.

Upgrades and Renewals

You can renew or upgrade your VMware licences with us regardless where they were originally purchased. We can also help reinstate licences which have expired.

Bespoke VMware Solutions

With our Professional Services we can help you design a solution built around VMware to make your infrastructure provide the services you need.