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Microsoft Office 365 Migrations

Why Should I Work With a Partner?

Microsoft 365 will likely be the core productivity tool, and data repository in your business.  So, it is important to ensure that:  


  • The software works as you need it to & you get the most from it. 


  • The system is configured correctly.  


  • Your existing data migrated securely.


Having migrated 100+ growing businesses to Microsoft 365, ranging from single users, to 300+ employee businesses, we specialise in hassle free migrations with no downtime to your business.

How Can Microsoft 365 Help my Business?

Giving your team the tools and information they need to get on with their job:


  • Unified email and calendar across all devices.


  • See, speak, share and work together using Microsoft Teams for chat, video calls, screenshare or collaboration on documents or projects. 


  • Storeaccess and collaborate documents centrally using OneDrive with 1TB of storage included in subscription.

Make things quicker, simpler, and less frustrating.


  • All Microsoft 365 apps are unified to improve creation, sharing and management of documents, attachments and spreadsheets. 


  • Multiple people working together on the same documents and projects, at the same time. 


  • Integrate your other, existing business systems with thousands of off-the-shelf options as standard. 

Always using the latest and best technology to protect your business data


  • Automatic upgrades and backups included in your subscription.


  • Industry leading data centres and authentication tools.


  • Manage and monitor your access, data, devices and app security centrally using Microsoft Security Centre.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) looks, feels and works like everything you know and trust in Microsoft Office. Combining these proven tools with world leading cloud technology, Microsoft 365 ensures: 


  • Your team can access Microsoft Office programs securely and work together wherever they are, in the office, at home, or a combination of both.  


  • Documents can be shared and collaborated on more easily. 


  • The software is always automatically up-to-date and secure. 


  • Costs and hassles of managing on-premise software are reduced.  

Our Process

Drawing on our experience of over 100 successful Microsoft 365 migrations, you can trust us to get the job done properly.


Our tried and tested process combines preparation, staged migrations and end user training, ensure that downtime is minimised, risk is removed and users are able to access their new software and get on with work immediately.

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