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With The Cloud, Your Files Are Always Backed Up

Cloud Back Up

With The Cloud, Your Files Are Always Backed Up

We don’t always realise how important Cloud Backup is for our businesses until something happens and files are lost or deleted.

This article will tell a story about the fear a business owner felt who couldn’t find important files and then the relief they felt when thankfully they had cloud backups in place and everything was able to be retrieved and restored.

What Happened

Last week, a client of ours called us.  They were trying to gain access to an ex-employee of the business’ laptop.  They required some help to gain access to the machine, with the aim to also gain access to the data and files saved on it.  However, something was amiss.

Once we gained access to the laptop, we found that the ex-employee had in fact, deleted all the files from his laptop.

The Solution

As you can imagine, this was a terrible shock to the business owner.  However, we were able to immediately put them at ease because thankfully, there were backups.

OneDrive had been backing up all the data and files automatically to the Cloud.  Because of all the files having been automatically backed up to the Cloud, we were able to retrieve all the ‘deleted’ files and restore all of them back to the original location.  The client was able to gain access to the laptop and all of the retrieved files.

How We Can Help

Cloud Backup is one of the most effective ways to make sure your business can recover data easily, prevent data loss and enhance data security.

At Innovec, we can design a Cloud Backup solution which suits your needs.  Your business may have a huge number of files, multiple offices, or perhaps you just need an additional Cloud Backup in addition to the existing Backup methods your business has in place.

Give us a call and we can discuss designing a service which best suits your needs.