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Speak Directly To An Engineer Every Time You Call

Speak Directly To An Engineer Every Time You Call

Sometimes people ask “When I call, will I speak directly to an engineer that can help?” we think this is a very good question because no one wants to be passed around or be stuck in a call queue when they need help urgently with something or short on time.  This article will be to answer this question and provide clarity.

Yes, speaking to an engineer every time you call is our promise. 

We are NOT a call centre.  Actually, our engineers are the first people you will speak to when you call and we have an exceptional call answering time because we know how precious time is.

What Happens When You Call

If you have a specific engineer in mind that you wish to speak to, the engineer who answered will be happy to transfer the call over if the preferred engineer is available.  If however, the specific person you wish to speak to isn’t available, we will explain this, ask if it’s something that the engineer who answered can help you with and if you still wish to wait, we will take a message and get the preferred person to call you back when they are available.

We Are Not A Call Centre

At Innovec, we understand how irritating it can be to wait so there will be NO call queues, NO irritating call music,  You will speak to an engineer who can help EVERY time with a very fast call answering time. 

We promise to keep your business our priority and to maintain your businesses productivity.

Next Steps

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