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Protect Your Systems With Recommended Security Software

Protect Your Systems With Recommended Security Software

We all want to keep our computers as secure as possible, so it’s vital to keep them up to date with high quality security software.  In this article, we will explain about the software, what they do and how they can help YOU.

You can keep your systems secure by installing, maintaining, and proactively monitoring industry leading anti-virus, firewall, and malware prevention, and security software.

ESET Endpoint Security Software

ESET Endpoint Security provides top quality security software that protects your systems in the office, at home and in public spaces, safeguarding your business systems, and your team, no matter where they are.

It protects against:

  • Targeted Attacks By Blocking Them
  • Stops file-less attacks
  • Prevents data breaches
  • Protects against ransomware

ESET Endpoint Security Partners

How ESET Endpoint Works

Proactive Monitoring

Your systems are monitored 24/7 via our administrator portal. We are automatically alerted to any issues or potential threats, take immediate action, and communicate with your team if required.

Sanity Checks

in addition to the system driven maintenance and alerts, we also carry out regular manual checks just to make sure your technology is doing its job.

ESET Collaboration

We don’t just sell ESET software, we work closely with their technical team to ensure we are always up to date on their latest offerings and best practices to get the most from their solution.

Friendly Support

Our friendly team are here for you to assist your users in the worst-case scenario.

Ongoing Communication

We will alert you of any software updates or changes that you should be made aware of.

How ESET Endpoint improves Your Security

Two-Way Firewall

You can manage and choose your trusted networks but public wi-fi will be restricted to improve your cybersecurity.

Behavioral Detection

Defined rules detect and stop suspicious behavior.

Botnet Protection

suspicious or malicious communications are reported to the user.

Exploit Blocker

Monitors the most exploited applications to detect and block threats.

Ransomware Shield

Manages active applications and detects any vulnerabilities for the whole network.

ESET Security Software, how it works

Anti-Spam Email Filtering

Part of security is email filtering.  Email is another way for cybercriminals to sneakily get access to data they should never ever have access to.  Anti-spam email filtering is a very important aspect of protecting your computers and protecting your business. Read more about cyber criminals and emails in our phishing blog.

What To Do Next

If you need some advice on security or don’t have any Security software installed, speak with our Innovec team today to keep your systems secure.