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Outsourcing your IT: Pros & Cons and how to choose the right one for YOU

Outsourcing your IT, Pros & Cons and How to choose the right one

Outsourcing your IT: Pros & Cons and how to choose the right one for YOU

Long gone are the “pen and paper” days of doing business and storing data. Businesses of all sizes are now immersed in the digital world and rely on technology and systems for their business to run effectively.

Managing all this technology, keeping it all up to date and secure is a full time job, not one that people favour doing when running their business, heaven forbid something breaks.

Outsourcing IT is beneficial for businesses of any size.

Does your current IT keep you awake at night?

Outsourcing your IT to a trustworthy IT company, ensures you get a peaceful night sleep and far less headaches.

An IT company will ensure your business has up to date technology and secure systems.  They will regularly monitor to catch any small issues to ensure they don’t turn into larger problems.

Not only do they keep things moving nicely, they will also be there to answer questions, give advice , educate and of course support.

An excellent IT support company is one of the best allies any business could possibly have. This ensures your business is well prepared and equipped for the unexpected.

With everything, there are pros and cons.  This section will cover them.


  • Lower running costs
  • More time to grow and run your business
  • The latest technology
  • The best cybersecurity for your business
  • Low downtime
  • Improved reputation


  • Less control of your data, therefore, it is vital to choose a trustworthy IT support company
  • Complex IT functions can be difficult to outsource

Case Studies – A good company will always have a lot of case studies on the company website, this shows how trustworthy the company is because clients will believe what other clients say more than what the company claims.

Fast Response & Low Downtime — This shows how dedicated, professional, and capable the company is because they are always keeping the client’s business their priority.

Certification Badges On The Website — The more certification badges shown, the better the company is, this shows they are more than capable.

Regular Remote Monitoring — Ensures that any small issues are caught and resolved early before they result into bigger problems, this shows they are dedicated.

Lots Of Positive Google Reviews & An Excellent Star Rating. – This gives an honest view from other customers.

To further discuss outsourcing your IT, call to schedule a chat at a time that suits you.

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact our helpful support team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.