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Putting Data Security Concerns at Ease for Nuline Medical

Opening in 2017, Nuline Medical is one of Scotland’s leading single-use medical suppliers. Colin Moore and John McKerchar founded the business after a combined 65 years of experience in the medical industry. With a team of 28 Ayrshire-based staff, and manufacturing, warehouse and cleanroom facilities all on-site, Nuline has experienced significant growth since its inception.

Being ISO certified, Nuline has always recognised the importance of data security within the business. The company managed all IT internally, but as the business grew, this became increasingly challenging. Data had to be backed up on a weekly basis initially, but this recently became a daily task and as a result, the process became much more manual. This took valuable time away from higher-priority responsibilities within the team.

In January, Office Manager, Danikka Drain, came across Innovec’s flyer and was impressed by the local IT company’s direct approach and decided to reach out to Iain Wham, Innovec’s Managing Director.

Following an initial discussion, the Innovec team visited Nuline the following week to assess their specific needs, within a few days, Nuline became an Innovec customer. The transition has already made a considerable difference.

Danikka emphasised this, stating:
“I have seen a huge improvement in our productivity. As an ISO-certified business, our data security is vital and managing this began to take its toll on the team, with people being dragged away from other tasks to ensure our USB was backed up. However, since using Innovec it’s not even something I think too much about as I know it’s being managed by people who know what they are doing. We are excited to work together with Innovec going forward.”

Innovec works with over 200 businesses across Ayrshire, with a focus on providing local, growing businesses with reliable IT support. As an owner-managed business, Innovec understands the business challenges of IT and aims to offer a proactive service to allow businesses like Nuline to do what they are good at.