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Cybersecurity In 2024: Emerging Technology Threats And Solutions

Cybersecurity In 2024: Emerging Technology Threats And Solutions

Technology is a wonderful thing, even more so as it advances because it brings new opportunities, however, it also brings threats.  But cyber criminals are always finding new ways to threaten your business’ digital security and privacy. It’s important as we go into 2024, to be aware of emerging technology threats.

This article will cover threats to look out for in 2024 and years to come.

As people use artificial intelligence increasingly more often, cyber criminals see this as an opportunity.  The data poisoning consists of the cybercriminals corrupting the database used to train artificial intelligence models.  They do this by injecting malicious data which can mess up the algorithms outcomes.

When businesses rely on AI models to put together documents and presentations etc. Trusting the algorithms outcome without proof checking, can lead to incorrect decisions which could damage the businesses reputation.

AI generated data has a lot of advantages, but should be used cautiously.  Always proof read by humans and double check any facts and figures.

As 5G becomes very popular for mobile phone users, this introduces a new attack surface for cybercriminals.  Users using 5G networks might become a target for cyberattacks.

Securing these devices by implementing strong network authentication and security protocols is vital, this will prevent large-scale attacks.

Businesses should also properly track and manage how these devices access business data.

AI algorithms can be manipulated and so can the content it produces as AI driven threats become more sophisticated. Content can look legit even though it’s a convincing deepfake.  Businesses must be vigilant and know how to tell the difference between legit and malicious.

As cybercriminals become even more sophisticated, so does the ransomware they create.  They now use double extortion tactics.  This means, cybercriminals steal businesses confidential data before encrypting files.  They will do this for ransom, usually with a countdown clock to create a sense of urgency and panic.

You can defend your business against these attacks by;

  • Having robust backup solutions in place
  • Your business employees taking part in regular cyber security training
  • Look out for threats

Phishing is one of the common forms of cyber attacks and has been around for the longest. These attacks are becoming more believable as time goes on, this is due to the sophistication and using Artificial Intelligence. Hackers customise attacks to a specific individual or organisation and they do this using the personal or professional information they find online.

Another type of phishing attack is called vishing (voice phishing).  These use voice calls or voice assistants to impersonate people in your business or people you know.  The aim of these attacks is to persuade victims to take action.

Regular employee phishing training is crucial, as well as automated solutions to detect and defend against phishing threats.

As technology evolves, so do the threats we face.  It’s important to be vigilant and pro-active.  We’ve put together some tips that can help:

  • Educate yourself and your team about the latest technology threats
  • Invest in regular cybersecurity and phishing training for your business
  • Use strong passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on all accounts
  • Update your device and software regularly to fix any vulnerabilities
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments in emails
  • Verify the identity or callers and senders, do this before giving information or taking action
  • Back up all date regularly, this will prevent data loss in case of a cyber attack
  • Report any suspicious or malicious activity to management and to your IT support company
  • If an attack occurs, report to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and your IT Support company

Get in touch with us to check your cyber security solutions from the previous year are enough to protect against 2024’s technology threats.  We can help you by carrying out a thorough cybersecurity assessment.  Call us to schedule a chat at a time which suits you.