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Cyber Security Is More Than Just Anti-Virus Software

Cyber Security Is More Than Just Anti-Virus Software

This article has the aim to arm you with the appropriate knowledge to take back control of your businesses cyber security.

Cybercrime in increasing.  Cyber criminals for the purpose of extortion, can threaten to shut down your computer systems, steal or publish confidential data, take over your social media platforms, steal customer data and employee data. They are a threat to your business!

Are Your Staff Phishing Aware?

Phishing is a type of attack that is carefully planned out by cybercriminals. It can be targeted to a specific company, or it could be a mass email going to millions of businesses.

Phishing can be done via email, text message or an instant message on social media platforms.  

They pose as a trusted company or business, sending links in their message or email with potentially disastrous consequences if clicked on. 

Why Email Accounts Get Hacked

The most common reasons email accounts get hacked are; not logging out on shared computers, poor password habits and phishing scams.  

Even if your business has strong security measures in place, some phishing emails can still sneak through undetected.

Phishing can lead to devastating consequences for your business. It can lead to identity theft, theft of customer data, stealing of funds and unauthorized purchases. 

It’s Crucial Your Team Know The Signs Of Phishing

The signs for you and your employees to look out for are;

  • Public Email Domains
  • Misspelled Domain Names
  • Bad Grammar And Spelling Within The Email
  • Suspicious Attachments And Links
  • Sense Of Urgency

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Webcams Can Be Hacked

Are webcams safe? Are you aware of your webcam ever being  compromised? Most people won’t be aware if it does in fact happen.

Although we have all grown to love and be dependent on technology, many of us are slightly naïve on the security aspect.

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If The Worst Case Scenario Happens

If your business falls victim to cyber criminals and you are hacked. It’s important you and your staff know what steps to take.

The issues being hacked will have on your business are as follows;

  • Loss Of Reputation
  • Loss Of Funds
  • Damaged Credit Rating
  • Loss Of Confidential Data
  • Loss Of Trust
  • Losing Clients
  • Log In Credentials Being Stolen
  • Unauthorized purchases
  • Personal Data Being Sold On The Dark Web
  • Identity Fraud

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We hope this blog has been informative, please have a read at the guide links included in this article. If you need any support with your cyber security, our Innovec team will be happy to help.